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How to add a new event to the What's On page


Squarespace Help Videos + Tutorials

Squarespace tutorial videos: here

All about images: here 

Connecting your social media accounts to your site: here

 Blogging with Squarespace: here

Squarespace SEO - Increasing your site's visability: here

More Squarespace Help

You can email me for help with updates, adding more pages, or marketing material here.

When you need some Squarespace experts to work on your site for more complicated fixes or coding:

Free Squarespace course on Udemy: here

Website Resources

When you need to shrink or optimize an image to use on your site to it loads quicker:

Create your own blog and social media graphics +

How to use keywords for SEO: here 

An SEO expert who I love: here

Your Style Guide

Keep your branding strong by being consistent with your visuals and voice: here

Other Help Resources

Fabulous print products like stickers and postcards from MOO (save 20%):

How to get testimonials that sell:

Conversion copywriting tips and other gems from the copywriting gurus:

3 tips for writing more

Top tips for writing evergreen blog content: here

Getting Traffic to Your Site

Now that you have this great site, you need to market it in order to drive traffic to it.
Some of the best ways to do this are listed below:

  • Content marketing - keep search engines happy by consistently adding quality content with a blog

  • Email marketing - the best ROI out there - building your email list is smart business. Add an freebie to your site that your potential clients can download with their email address to grow your list.

  • Public speaking and networking - yes, the old fashioned way still rocks!

  • Social media - LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are excellent ways to inspire and build awareness

  • SEO - use keywords in your titles, page descriptions, page content, and blog posts to drive more traffic

And if you haven’t already, please don't forget to leave me feedback on your project here — thanks!